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Witness of Gor – Page 306

  • Posted on June 22, 2011 at 4:03 am


I had been conquered and enraptured, destroyed and renewed, rent in fragments and made whole, freed and enslaved, broken and created. And in the end, overwhelmed, struggling to comprehend, I had found myself more a slave than ever.

Kur of Gor – Page 242-243

  • Posted on June 20, 2011 at 2:04 am


You will commonly kneel in the presence of free persons,” said Cabot. “You will address men as “Master,” free women as “Mistress.” Instant and unquestioning obedience is expected of you. Commonly, you are not to speak unless you have been given permission to do so. When you speak, you will speak with softness and deference. You can own nothing. It is you who are owned. You are property, an animal, subject to buying and selling, trading and such. You are completely at the disposal and pleasure of your master, in all ways.


  • Posted on June 20, 2011 at 1:18 am

>A while ago I found the following passage on time and today I found a new one that I found also interesting.

TheTree told me – although “told” is not precisely accurate, since the Tree does not exactly speak that it was – is, I suppose – the oldest living thing in the entire world. Ages unnumbered have nourished it, and it stands in absolute serenity in the center of the Vale, shedding years like drops of rain from its widespread leaves. Since it predates the rest of us, and it’s alive, we’re all in some peculiar way its children. The first lesson it taught me – the first lesson it teaches everyone who touches it – was about the nature of time. Time, the slow, measured passage of years, is not exactly what we think it is. Humans tend to break time up into manageable pieces night and day, the turning of the seasons, the passage of years, centuries, eons – but in actuality time is all one piece, a river flowing endlessly from the beginning toward some incomprehencible goal. The Tree gently guided my infant understanding through that extremily difficult concept.

Page 30 Polgara the Sorceress – David and Leigh Eddings

Slave Girl of Gor – Page 79-80

  • Posted on June 20, 2011 at 1:17 am


The attire of Gorean slave girls is of great importance to their masters. They concern themselves with the tiniest details. The clothing, you see, as well as the girl, belongs to the master; it is natural for him, thus, to take an interest in it; both, in their diverse ways, can be reflections upon him, his taste, his judgment, his discrimination. That male of Earth may not even know what clothing his wife owns, or what she buys, would be unthinkable to most Goreans, even those that stand in free companionship. To the master it would simply be preposterous. What his girl wears, if she is to wear anything, is of great interest to him. After all, she is not a wife; she is much more important; she is a prized possession. The clothing she wears, any cosmetics or jewelery, or perfume, must be absolutely perfect. He is “in,” so to speak, on everything. Should she tie her hair with as little as a new ribbon, it must pass his strict inspection. If it is not “right” for her, she will not be permitted to wear it. That a wife might wear a new dress and her husband not even notice it would be incredible, if not incomprehensible, to any Gorean, whether a proprietor or a companion. In short, Gorean masters concern themselves closely with their girls. Clothing, like other matters, is quite important. It must be perfect for its purpose. its purpose may be to humiliate or brazenly and publicly display the girl, to discipline her, to keep her humble, to remind her that she is nothing, only a wench in bondage; it may reveal her beauty, of which she is proud, for the eyes of all, or for his own pleasure and that of his peers; it may also be to reveal his wealth, the value in girl and raiment which he owns; it may be to augment his prestige, or to incite envy in others; it may be to stimulate her with beautiful things; it may be to excite her sexually, and so on. These purposes, of course, are not all incompatible. Clothing, too, it might be mentioned, like food, is a useful instrument in controlling a girl. Few girls, for example, enjoy being sent nude into the market, to do shopping.

Passage on Time

  • Posted on June 20, 2011 at 1:17 am


How is one to measure time?

With each heartbeat, with each pulse of blood though an artery, with each breath taken and released, one counts the passing of time.

As the sun rolls over the sky, the shadow of the pointer moves the sundial, and flowers turn their faces to its warmth. Sand falls through an hourglass. A melting candle devours the lines scored in its wax. The pendulum swings, and all the little wheels and gears of the clock click-clack though another tiny compartment of time. The moon rises and sets, waxes and wanes, and the tides mark out their hours on the strand. Seasons change and wheel about again, and a child grows into a man and then declines towards death.

All these things can be felt, seen, measured.

Yet they are merely shadow pictures of time’s true being. Time is not the measure of the passing of seconds, seasons, centuries. It is not a river which flows smoothly and inexorably forward. It is the warp of the weave of the universe, and so hums at the very heart of all matter.

Kate Forsyth – The heart of stars – Time Past page 109

Slave girl of Gor – Page 75

  • Posted on June 20, 2011 at 1:15 am


I wanted the brand to be perfect. No girl is so without vanity that she does not want her brand to be perfect. Even lipstick and eye shadow, which a girl may wash off and reapply, a girl wishes to be perfect; how much more so than the brand, which is always worn! The girl wishes a brand of which she can be proud. A good brand adds to a girl’s sense of confidence, of comfort and security. Often, a girl’s raiment is limited to brand and collar. Accordingly the brand is of considerable importance to her. Also it is no secret on gor that a small and beautiful brand, well-placed, considerably enhances a girl’s beauty. I tried to resent the brand, but I could not do so. It was too beautiful, and now, too, it was too much a part of me.

Slave Girl of Gor – Page 68

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Control of a girl’s food not only permits the intelligent regulation of her caloric intake but provides an excellent instrument for keeping her in line; control the food, control the girl. Food control, for the man, also has unexpected rewards. Few thing’s impress a man’s dominance on her, or her dependence on him, than the control of her food. So simple a thing thrills her to the core. It makes her eager to please him as a slave girl.

Dancer of Gor – Page 382

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I did not always want gentleness. It did not displease me to be forced to recognize, and incontrovertibly, and with my whole body, that I was in a man’s arms, those of a true man, and was a slave. Sometimes, I confess, I even wanted the whip, not for its pain, which I feared, but for its proof of domination, that I was owned, and wholly, and was going to be mastered.

Dancer of Gor – Page 82

  • Posted on June 20, 2011 at 1:09 am


The back of my calves, where I had been struck, now felt better. That had really been foolish of me, standing in a slovenly manner in the coffle, when there might of been men about, and, indeed, had been one, and with a whip. That I had been lashed, however, showed me that I was, in one way, important, and the men cared about me. I was a female. I made some sort of difference to them. That were genuinely interested in females, and liked them, and were concerned with them. They wanted us to be charming and beautiful as we could be, and would, frankly, hold us accountable for such things. How many times, I wondered, had a man on earth, irritated with an earth woman, or girl, been tempted to seize her and, say, pull gum from her mouth, or straighten her hair, or adjust her halter, or tell her to straighten her body or to change her posture, or to sit or kneel in a certain way, but, of course, had not done so? Here, however, men, I gathered, at least with women such as I, felt few reservations, inhibitions or compunctions about taking immediate and often direct action in such matters. They tend to view us with a certain propriety interest, even, in certain cases, with a certain possessive zeal and zest, and seemed determined to see to it that we were as marvelous as we could be. We were, after all, the females of their species.

Dancer of Gor – Page 81

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I was pleased that they had taken me in hand and, wishing to do so made me their slave. I was unutterably thrilled to be now absolutely and categorically subject, in this order of nature, to their uncompromising domination. It was for this sort of thing I had longed for all my life. It was for this reason, I thought, that I had so despised the males of earth, because they had permitted themselves to be deprived of their birth right of their manhood, because they would not see to it that I was put in, and kept in, my rightful place in nature, where i wanted in my heart to be. My beauty, i felt, belonged to them. If they were strong enough to take it, and put it where it belonged, at their feet. I had wanted to kneel before them, lovingly and worship-fully, and yield them my total submission. They had not been strong enough, however. I had almost been consumed with anguish, and filled with contempt for them, and tortured and torn by loneliness, hatred and misery.