About nageena

Age: 28 or 27 according to Master
Owned since 16th June 2011

nageena  discovered herself very early on, she was about 16/17 years old when she got bored one night and found the books of Gor in her mother’s bookcase in the lounge room. No her mother is not Gorean.

Being “under-age” she spent the first year reading the books that she found in the bookcase, and looking for information online, eventually she entered her first chat room on yahoo.com and got her first online “Master”. This person was overly new, nageena was young and naive and had actually gone looking for trouble. This person decided that to show her that he was her Master that he would cyber pee all over her… yeah that really worked. This person’s mentor who nageena talked to on and off for a few years, and who she liked lost her one day by talking to her about having kids with her and one day having the kids play with us. she reported him to the yahoo powers that be and never heard from him again.

she believes that she was a few short months from her 18th birthday when she met her first two play partners, one decided that she was too new and didn’t want to scare her so instead of playing we had a really nice afternoon chatting and then having sex. The second did play with her it was her first time, she learnt that broom handles are not so fun, that wax is too hot or at least the candles that he was using had too much copper in them, and that she could almost break through one of those plastic ball gags with all the holes in it. It was an interesting experience, but we didn’t play again after that because she did get scared and ran away from that part of herself. The first man was right.

After spending awhile in the BDSM rooms and not finding what she wanted, she moved into the Gorean rooms where things were more structured, and got into the role-play aspect which kept her mind active. It was a safe release for her.

During the years she fought with herself often, fighting against her own nature, which is not something that you can win against. she tried being “vanilla” she had a vanilla boyfriend who turned out to be submissive, she decided that she couldn’t find what she needed so stayed online.

During that vanilla relationship, she got invited to go to Sydney to a party with one of her ex online Master’s who knew that she had a partner and assured us both that nothing would happen to her. Which turns out was a lie since he decided that he had to have sex with her. We went to the party it was a lot of fun, though the sub that deep throated her hand when she had pins and needles (the feeling not the actual things) she could have done without. she was praised at how well trained she was, though he had no part in that but she kept her mouth shut, see how well trained she was, and we had a good night. The following day we went to a munch type thing which was also good before going to the airport and coming back. she never went back after that but it gave her a need to connect with real people.

After that relationship ended with her vanilla partner when he decided to cheat on her with someone else and after breaking up with nageena  bringing that same girl back to our house and having loud sex with her while nageena and her sister and friends were in the lounge room.  nageena moved back in with her mother. It took us under two hours to move all her stuff out of that house.

It was a few month after this that she fell pregnant to yet another vanilla person in another attempt to be “normal” and nine months later her son was born.

nageena  started to frequent a room on IRC though she forgets what the name was, where she met a lovely lady who took her out to her first Victorian party where she had lots of fun, got tied up for the first time, and got to meet up with some of the people that she had been talking to online. After that night she began to go out, she made some friends and would sometimes stay with them and go out with them and we would have a lot of fun.

On the weekends that she didn’t have her son she went out with her friends, it was essential at the time as she really needed that break from motherhood.

From then until now nageena has had five “Master’s”, two protection collars and a training collar, the longest collaring was three years. Out of all of them the training collar means the most to her still. It happened after she left one of her “Master’s” and he put her under the protection of a highly respected Mistress who in turn asked one of her friends who was a Gorean Master and also highly respected to meet her and possibly train her.

Originally it was to be for a weekend, but Master Peter turned it into a month. As it was she was tested in the first meeting with him, and it was her passing that test that got her the position. she was to serve him a drink in the proper manner, we were in a busy club, in the middle of the crowd and when nageena knelt to serve him it was as if we were the only two in the room. Everything slowed down, it was silent almost as if there was a cone of silence around us. It was that reaction and that feeling that made him decide to take her on.

The month was not long enough, though at the end of the month when she was given the opportunity to continue with them, she declined it knowing that she was not yet ready for that. she is reminded though that she is still a Dragon House girl and that they will be there for her when she needs them. It is always nice to be reminded of that, she still has the home stone that was given to her as a reminder, it sits upon her desk.

In June of this year she met Master, she had just come out of a relationship that turns out didn’t exist, she was just being used as she was a convenience while he was incarcerated. Going back to the chat room’s she found Master there and we started talking. This was after she had enrolled in university so that she would hopefully be able to ignore the fact that she was not owned and the lost feeling that comes along with it. Though as they say, what will be will be. she was officially under consideration not long after that, and when she went to visit Him in Queensland the next month He collared her with a rope collar that He made Himself. Master has since come to visit her in Victoria and met her family, as she met His in Queensland, and this time He has locked upon her a beautiful ring of steel stealth collar with five emerald gems. Which thankfully never has to be removed, if she can help it.

Very soon nageena will join Master in Queensland permanently, she is taking not much more than her son, clothes and books, and she cant wait to be His properly and fully.

nageena is now 28, and while she has been around for awhile she still has much to learn.

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