Slave Girl of Gor – Page 79-80

  • Posted on June 20, 2011 at 1:17 am


The attire of Gorean slave girls is of great importance to their masters. They concern themselves with the tiniest details. The clothing, you see, as well as the girl, belongs to the master; it is natural for him, thus, to take an interest in it; both, in their diverse ways, can be reflections upon him, his taste, his judgment, his discrimination. That male of Earth may not even know what clothing his wife owns, or what she buys, would be unthinkable to most Goreans, even those that stand in free companionship. To the master it would simply be preposterous. What his girl wears, if she is to wear anything, is of great interest to him. After all, she is not a wife; she is much more important; she is a prized possession. The clothing she wears, any cosmetics or jewelery, or perfume, must be absolutely perfect. He is “in,” so to speak, on everything. Should she tie her hair with as little as a new ribbon, it must pass his strict inspection. If it is not “right” for her, she will not be permitted to wear it. That a wife might wear a new dress and her husband not even notice it would be incredible, if not incomprehensible, to any Gorean, whether a proprietor or a companion. In short, Gorean masters concern themselves closely with their girls. Clothing, like other matters, is quite important. It must be perfect for its purpose. its purpose may be to humiliate or brazenly and publicly display the girl, to discipline her, to keep her humble, to remind her that she is nothing, only a wench in bondage; it may reveal her beauty, of which she is proud, for the eyes of all, or for his own pleasure and that of his peers; it may also be to reveal his wealth, the value in girl and raiment which he owns; it may be to augment his prestige, or to incite envy in others; it may be to stimulate her with beautiful things; it may be to excite her sexually, and so on. These purposes, of course, are not all incompatible. Clothing, too, it might be mentioned, like food, is a useful instrument in controlling a girl. Few girls, for example, enjoy being sent nude into the market, to do shopping.

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