Slave girl of Gor – Page 75

  • Posted on June 20, 2011 at 1:15 am


I wanted the brand to be perfect. No girl is so without vanity that she does not want her brand to be perfect. Even lipstick and eye shadow, which a girl may wash off and reapply, a girl wishes to be perfect; how much more so than the brand, which is always worn! The girl wishes a brand of which she can be proud. A good brand adds to a girl’s sense of confidence, of comfort and security. Often, a girl’s raiment is limited to brand and collar. Accordingly the brand is of considerable importance to her. Also it is no secret on gor that a small and beautiful brand, well-placed, considerably enhances a girl’s beauty. I tried to resent the brand, but I could not do so. It was too beautiful, and now, too, it was too much a part of me.

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